As a member of the Menlo Park City Council, Cecilia will bring an important viewpoint on issues impacting all Menlo Park residents.  

Cecilia's Goals as a Council Member:

  1. Be a Voice of the Community: Belle Haven needs a seat at the table where planning decisions are being made. Belle Haven is absorbing 3 million sq ft of office development. Our neighborhood is already overwhelmed by cut-through traffic, housing shortages, and rent increases that are forcing our current residents to leave. 
  2. Planned Development: Let's bring moderation and clarity into the development process. Innovative, measured growth can bring necessary vitality and also protect the neighborhood's character.
  3. Affordable Housing: Affordable housing should be a requirement in every office development. There are many jobs and not enough housing for employees. Teachers, firefighters, public safety officers, and employees of small local businesses are also affected. Even some City employees cannot afford to live here.  Menlo Park needs effective solutions to solve the housing shortage within its own boundaries.
  4. Transportation: Let's activate the Dumbarton Rail Line to get Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Redwood City commuters to their destination more quickly. Developments in the Belle Haven area should be required to provide public shuttle services to Caltrain, the civic center, and downtown Menlo Park.
  5. Public Services: Vitality in Menlo Park is a goal that should bring prosperity to the existing community. Belle Haven needs a full service grocery store, a pharmacy, a full service bank, a public library that is equal to the main library at the civic center and expand the Onetta Harris Community Center.


Together we can improve our quality of life.
Menlo Park, 5 Districts, One City.

After my initial run in 2016, I became more acutely aware of my community’s needs and now, I make every day about working towards how I can improve the well-being of my community.
— Cecilia Taylor