Cecilia with her mother, sisters, and aunt.

Cecilia with her mother, sisters, and aunt.

My family has lived in Menlo Park for three generations, so Menlo Park is my home. After attending local schools, I attended San Francisco State University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. I also earned a Certificate in Early Childhood Education from Cañada College. Since 1985, I have worked in the education field either as an instructor or tutor.

For more than 10 years, I served on the Adhoc Advisory Board for San Mateo County Housing Authority and as volunteer for East Palo Alto Teen Home, and as a volunteer tutor for a Homeless Shelter. This community service experience has educated me on what quality of life means to children and adults and/or given me the tools to find where I can be most effective.

In addition to my work as a private tutor for youth and adults, I’m committed to improving the safety, economic development, and prosperity of Menlo Park and its residents.   

When I see my neighbors and my community, I often contemplate our quality of life. Are we safe in our homes and on the roads? Is my neighbor financially sound or is she at risk of being pushed out of Menlo Park as result of the insufficient supply of affordable housing? Are there adequate employment opportunities for residents of all incomes and educational levels? Is there equity in public services and education across neighborhoods in Menlo Park?

I have made it my goal to educate my neighbors on the power of civic engagement and encourage them to actively participate in the meetings and events that shape the present and future of Menlo Park. I know civic participation is a powerful tool, a tool that has the power to influence and enhance the state of our neighborhoods and our general quality of life. I regularly attend our city commission meetings, I’m actively involved in the Connect Menlo project, and I attend and participate in our community events. 

Through my active community engagement, I believe that we as a community need to improve safety and reduce traffic impacts, increase the supply of affordable housing, find ways to expand residents’ employment opportunities, and ensure equity in public services and education.

I want to ensure that Menlo Park residents are aware of the issues that our City faces and that all residents’ voices are heard and sincerely considered when decisions are made at the government level. 

As a renter, I want to protect our community from constant turn over and outrageous rents. As an educator, I want to ensure that our children are receiving equitable education regardless of the neighborhood we live in. As your neighbor, I want us all to be safe inside and outside of our homes.     

Now is the time for the City of Menlo Park to encourage positive and responsible development for all our communities. From the hills to the bay, all neighborhoods need preservation from the unprecedented growth our City has approved. Menlo Park can and must be creative, innovative, and progressive in how it manages growth. 

 Menlo Park. Many Neighborhoods. One City.

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Cecilia with her family.

Cecilia with her family.